Principle Of Shock Absorber

- Mar 30, 2018 -

Usually, the shock absorber is made up of two parts: a spring and a damping cylinder.

The function of the spring is to maintain the height of the car body and play a cushioning role when it bumps.

Maybe some friends will be wondering if only springs will be more soft and comfortable. In fact, it is not so simple, if only a spring, after the vehicle is bumped, the body will jump up and down like a spring toy, so it is necessary to cooperate with the damping cylinder to control the effect of spring compression and rebound.

The cooperation between the two of them can decide the soft and hard vibration of a car. The balance between comfort and movement is the difficulty of vibration absorber training.

  • Alfa Romeo 155 Shock Absorber
  • Citroen ZX Shock Absorber
  • Fiat Cinquecento Shock Absorber
  • Fiat Tempra Shock Absorber
  • Kia LEO Shock Absorber
  • Lancia A 112 Shock Absorber

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