Working principle of shock absorber

- Mar 30, 2018 -

The vehicle suspension system vibration due to the elastic element by the impact, in order to improve the ride comfort, suspension and elastic elements arranged in parallel for the attenuation of shock absorber, vibration, vehicle suspension system with shock absorber is hydraulic damper, its working principle is when the frame (or body) and between the axle vibration and relative rotation the shock absorber piston, move up and down, the oil shock absorber cavity will be repeated from one cavity through different pore flow into another cavity. At this point, the friction between the hole wall and the oil and the internal friction between the oil molecules will form damping force on the vibration, so that the vibration energy of the vehicle can be transformed into oil heat energy, and then absorbed by the shock absorber to the atmosphere.

  • Fiat Regata Shock Absorber
  • Fiat Scudo Shock Absorber
  • Commercial F100 Shock Absorber
  • Peugeot 307CC Shock Absorber
  • suzuki Ignis Shock Absorber
  • Volvo 260 Series Shock Absorber

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