What is the impact of car shock absorber damage?

- Aug 09, 2018 -

The car can bring comfort to the drivers and passengers, not only the seat, but also the most important system - the shock absorption system.

Automotive development So far, there are two types of automotive shock absorbers, one is hydraulic shock absorption and the other is air shock absorption. The hydraulic shock absorber is the hydraulic oil in the shock absorber. When the car is shaking on an uneven road, the hydraulic oil has an incompressible property, which will give a reaction force to the sinking vehicle. Compared with the small pressure relief valve, the hydraulic oil can be slowly discharged, that is, the speed at which the vehicle sinks is slowed down. The hydraulic damping system also has a damping spring. The shock absorber works simultaneously with the damping spring, which can buffer the shock absorption of the car and reduce the bumpiness of the driver and passenger.


What is the impact of car shock absorber damage on the car?

Hydraulic shock absorption damage is common: shock absorber oil leakage, shock absorber top rubber aging, shedding, damping spring fatigue softening.

Shock absorber oil leakage: When the vehicle is running, the damping effect will be greatly reduced until the hydraulic oil leaks, the car will not have shock absorption, and the single side shock absorption oil will make the vehicle side high and low side, causing the running deviation.

The damper top rubber aging, shedding: After the top rubber aging and falling off, when the vehicle sways up and down, the shock absorber will directly collide with other parts, causing abnormal noise, and possibly further damage other parts.

Fatigue softening of the shock absorbing spring: the tension of the spring is reduced. When the car sinks, the shock absorbing spring can not give the vehicle a greater reaction. The sinking speed of the vehicle will be faster than normal. The shock absorption and cushioning effect will be As the damping spring can not fully slow down the body, the hydraulic pressure of the shock absorber will increase, which will quickly lead to oil leakage of the shock absorber.

Damage to the automobile shock absorber will greatly reduce the ride comfort of the driver and passenger, accelerate the driver's fatigue, bring certain risks to the driving, and may affect the normal operation of other parts or damage other parts.

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