Inspection and maintenance of automobile shock absorbers

- Oct 31, 2018 -

The failure or damage of the automobile shock absorber will directly affect the running stability and ride comfort of the car, and will also affect the service life of the auto parts. Therefore, inspection and maintenance of automobile shock absorbers is essential. When the car is driving for 10-15 kilometers on uneven road, touch the shock absorber casing by hand. If it is not hot, it indicates that the car shock absorber may have lost shock absorption due to lack of oil or major parts, and should be removed for maintenance. Or replace it with a new one.

The car damper is not used to support the weight of the body, but is used to suppress the shock of the spring rebound and absorb the impact of the road impact. If you drive a broken car with a damper, you can experience the car passing through every hole, the undulating bounce after the undulation, and the damper is used to suppress this bounce. Without the damper, there is no way to control the rebound of the spring. When the car encounters a rough road, it will produce a serious bounce. When cornering, the tire will be gripped and the track will be lost due to the shock of the spring. The ideal situation is to use the damper to limit the bounce of the spring to about once.

If there is abnormal continuous vibration during the running of the car, carefully check whether the car shock absorber is leaking oil. If it is leaking oil, it should be excluded. When performing secondary maintenance on the car, check the working condition of the shock absorber. The inspection method is as follows: the lower end of the shock absorber is fixed on the vise, and the compression is performed by hand for several times. The normal shock absorber should have a certain damping force, and the resistance to the stretching should be greater than the resistance when compressing. Unstable or no resistance, the shock absorber may be short of oil or parts damaged, and new parts should be repaired or replaced.

  • Fiat Ritmo Shock Absorber
  • GMC Truck S Series Pickup Shock Absorber
  • Lexus GS300 Shock Absorber
  • nissan 200 SX Shock Absorber
  • Rover 200 Series Shock Absorber
  • Toyota Hilux Shock Absorber

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